Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to Download All Photos in Facebook?

Sometimes we'll get in trouble for downloading lots of photos in the photo album on Facebook. Is it really difficult? Of course the answer is not difficult.

The photos in a photo album and then we save it manually, it will take a long time. We will also feel sore because it opens up one by one and stored. Tiring, is not it?

Actually, there was no way that the events you experienced. A very easy way. We just give a check on the image to be downloaded, and then we downloaded. Already!

Use Picknzip, Picknzip is a site that has facilities / tools to download all our Facebook photo and then save it with a zip or pdf format. For those who want to backup or download the photos on your facebook albums quickly then follow the steps below:

  • First visit the website:
  • Click Log-In with Facebook (To log into your Facebook friend), then Picknzip seeking information and access to the profile, image and your email address
  • Click Allow to provide this access, wait until the loading process is complete,
  • After that Picknzip will open a new page where you can select which photos you download
  • Choose your image, click select all to download all the images or click find my photos to choose photos to be downloaded.
  • After all the photographs were successful and have been selected click the Download tab
  • Wait until the process is done (100%), then there is a command in what format we will save the photos (Here there are two options: *. zip and *. pdf).

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