Friday, December 16, 2011

How to Change the Display Chat on Facebook?

Many people like to open Facebook. Facebook has become a constant companion. She became a liaison between the person with another person. Communicate using Facebook to do with the chat. Display a chat box on Facebook has now turned into a new one. But for even novice users to be something difficult.

well, the post now, I will share about tutorial how to change the look of the new Facebook chat box to the old version which use more simple.

many people commented that the appearance of Facebook chat box the new version was more difficult, to find our friends who are online just have to direct the pointer to the image on the left to accumulate little Facebook home page. And we do not yet know who's photos online.

Based on that fact, I wrote a post about tips on how to restore the display to the original Facebook chat box.

So how?

For users of Firefox, then follow step 1 and step 2. As for Opera and Google Chrome users can directly use the step 2.

step 1
Addons Install Greasemonkey on Mozilla's add on

step 2
Install the Facebook sidebar Chat reversion script in

After that, please see the results!

We can chat more fun.
Please share this tutorial to your friends wherever they are.

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